New Shooter's Journey - Fundamentals of USPSA Stoeger Class Review
By Travis Johnson | 2.3.2018
#Shooting #Narratives
I recently attended a great competition style shooting class instructed by Ben Stoeger, a world champion production class shooter. This class was a fundamentals class for practical pistol shooting in USPSA and geared toward improving your performance in competition. Although certain things are emphasized differently in competition style training than in more defensive and tactics oriented training, all the fundamentals of marksmanship still apply. As I hope to continue pushing forward in my competitive shooting, I thought this would be an awesome chance to learn from one of the best competition pistol shooters in the world.
Christmas Eve, '67
By Team Greyhive | 11.10.2017
Veterans Day is a time for celebration, reflection and honoring those who have served our country, and those currently serving our great nation. Jim Moriarty is a Marine Corps Veteran who served multiple tours in Vietnam. He owns a successful law firm in Houston, TX and has the unfortunate title of “Gold Star Father”. His son, Jimmy Moriarty was killed on 4 November 2016 in Jafr, Jordan alongside two other 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) soldiers, Matt Lewellen and Kevin McEnroe. Jimmy was undeniably a phenomenal Green Beret and an even better human. This is a testament to the family that brought him into this world and raised him to fight for our nation’s strategic objectives. To become a Green Beret and earn the respect of our nation’s finest warfighters is one very few can accomplish. Jimmy Moriarty did that, and to understand what made him special you need to understand the man who raised him.