Episode 8 - Why Military Don't Shoot Competitions
By Team Greyhive | 1.5.2018
#Training Brief
Dr. Seth Haselhuhn and Drew Estell from BAER Solutions discuss one of the main reason military, and most of us who train, don't shoot competitions. This comes down to several reasons of which can be ego, different level of stress and common misconceptions.
Episode 7 - Health
By Team Greyhive | 12.20.2017
#Training Brief
Survival is much more than having medical supplies on hand. Your overall health, including mental preparedness & toughness and your mindset are critical. Mike J, Active Duty Military, and Drew Estell, BAER Solutions, discuss health as one of the 5 basic needs of survival in this 5 part video series.
Tactical Training vs. Target Shooting
By Team Greyhive | 12.18.2017
Can competition shooting skills help you in combat? Can lessons learned in combat make you a better competition shooter? Combat marksmanship (CMMS) are the shooting skills that directly relate to tactical applications like war or law enforcement. Competitive shooting focuses on skills that can be applied during matches and usually follow a set of rules and regulations. There’s one glaring difference between combat and competition: competitors don’t have to worry about getting shot back at. The “two-way range” experienced by the military and law enforcement and the unknown location of potential targets means much of the training must be handled differently. Both cover and concealment can be lifesavers. Shooting while moving is paramount when cover isn’t available. There are a few other key differences.
Episode 6 - IR Signaling Devices
By Team Greyhive | 12.6.2017
#Training Brief
Mike J. and Drew Estell talk about the different types of IR signaling devices such as strobes and chem lights they've used during their time in the military. Whether used on helmets or as a stand alone device, strobes and other marking devices have been a battlefield enhancement for our nation’s troops.