Sleep to Perform
By Katie Thompson | 7.10.2018
#Law Enforcement #Strength and Conditioning #Mindset
We’ve all heard the saying, “You can sleep when you’re dead;” many of us are even guilty of using it as a personal motto.  The reality is: Without sleep, you can’t perform.  High personal and professional demands often push sleep to the wayside. However, sleep is a vital part of optimal physical, mental, technical, and tactical performance.
If You Can't See, You Can't Shoot
By Katie Thompson | 5.14.2018
#Strength and Conditioning #Mindset #Shooting
Target acquisition and identification is a huge part of high-performance shooting. Obviously.  If you can’t see, you can’t shoot.  There’s more to it than simply “seeing” your target though.  The eyes are just the first link in a complex chain of information processing that occurs in the brain which allows you to quickly and accurately assess, decide, and act upon targets.  More on the complex information processing stuff in a later write-up; for now, let’s just focus on the eyes (no pun intended).
Building Epic Performances
By Katie Thompson | 4.20.2018
#Mindset #Shooting
Two primary things we need to get better at anything: practice and feedback. Practice we can do on our own, but feedback we must receive from someone else. Mentally tough people don’t “just show up,” they use each practice session to intentionally build mental and physical skillsets.