How to Grip Your Pistol - Drill
By Travis Denman | 1.20.2018
#Shooting #Law Enforcement #Personal Defense
Shooting in rapid succession places a great demand on your grip. In all of our training you will be practicing your grip at some level but here I want to focus specifically on the grip only and nothing else. I'm going to hit some general guidelines that are a good starting point for most people. As you develop your skill experiment with hand placement. Make minor adjustments to one or both hands and see what works best for you. Here are the high points to start you off on the right foot.
Combative Pistol, Part 2
By Ian Strimbeck | 1.4.2018
#Shooting #Personal Defense #Combatives
In part one of this article, I talked initially about looking at the pistol draw stroke more combatively and less about aiming for the fastest time on the clock. The following information will revolve around the continuation of the draw stroke as the pistol breaks from the vertical line of presentation and moves into the horizontal line of presentation from my perspective, as well as with heavy influence from my mentor Craig Douglas of Shivworks.
Combative Pistol, Part 1
By Ian Strimbeck | 12.8.2017
#Shooting #Personal Defense #Combatives
When it comes to defensive pistol shooting, there is a an extreme overuse of going to full extension every time during practice or training classes. Whether it’s us practicing on the range or you being an educator in the industry, we need to get outside the “flat range mentality.” Your fight may not be like my fight, and mine may not be like yours. It’s a constantly chaotic and fluidly changing situation. Our skillsets should reflect that, which is why I am a proponent of the concept of the multidisciplinary tactician. This is a term developed by my dear friend and mentor Craig Douglas of Shivworks who also originally developed and tested the following methods/concepts in this article. Through this mindset we can constantly develop in order to create the best version of ourselves daily. With that being said, we need to understand how to literally fight with our pistol. Through my years instructing hundreds of law abiding citizens, law enforcement, military, being an assistant instructor with reputable educators and a student myself I am able to bring my perspective of retention based pistol shooting to the forefront.
A LEO in Today's Age: The Why, What and How Behind Being a LEO
By Bryan Veliz | 11.3.2017
#Law Enforcement
Throughout my career as a Law Enforcement Officer, I’ve often been asked questions such as, “Why did you become a police officer?", “What does it take to join a law enforcement agency?” and “How do you perform the job in today’s age?” All great questions, to which I have done my best to provide the “best answer” for those seeking guidance or simply looking to satisfy their general curiosity. I hope to shed some light on these questions as well as provide general guidance and encouragement for those seeking to become a LEO or for those already associated with the profession.