Episode 3 - Mental Performance, Part 2

By Team Greyhive


Dr. Seth Haselhuhn, SOCOM Mental Performance Coach, and Drew Estell, BAER Solutions, discuss training and the mental performance aspects that determine each shooter's success. This is part two of several hours of filming that covers many topics within mental performance and the psychology of successful shooters.

Article By Team Greyhive
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Dead on the money! Combat training put me in a totally different frame of mind and it’s so much harder to keep fundamentals together when thinking this is LIFE OR DEATH. The Hands, AIM, Shoot technique really helped as well and I especially loved this video and the Target ID article. These really go hand in hand. Fuckaluckafus, down below me, made me rethink my shooting stance. Especially when shooting for surivival , with his last few sentences.
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I agree 100% with Seth, competion shooting and combat shooting are completely two separate animals. Just looking at the ooda loop principle, makes this clear as day. With combat shooting your analysing and interpreting a dynamic event, with competition shooting your targets are for the most part static. And sure some fundamentals may cross over between the two, However even the most basic fundamentals may also be polar opposites. A team guy might tighten up his stance when working around a barricade to avoid exposing the femoral artery, and a competition shooter might be able to get away with a much wider stance like Shane Coley to achieve a greater base with more stability when working a barricade.
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