Episode 8 - Why Military Don't Shoot Competitions

By Team Greyhive


Dr. Seth Haselhuhn and Drew Estell from BAER Solutions discuss one of the main reason military, and most of us who train, don't shoot competitions. This comes down to several reasons of which can be ego, different level of stress and common misconceptions.

Article By Team Greyhive
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I see the skillsets as pretty different. There are mechanical things that would cross over, reloads, sight acquisition etc. But most of soldiering isn't shooting. A lot of line infantry guys aren't going to do any more shooting than their rifle qual once or twice a year. I thought that was far too little when I was in, but that's how it shakes out. The higher speed units you get into, the more trigger time you get. But even then, it's not a regular thing. If I had to pick the top five skills/attributes for an infantryman, shooting probably wouldn't make the list.
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Excellent points! I've tried for YEARS to get LE and former .mil guys to come out for local tactical matches (not USPSA/IDPA/3GN) and they never do though they enjoy shooting. My personal experience with a sport we created is that stages are a bit looser constructed so they accept different skill sets and different engagement options based on the shooter's different experiences and even their current SOPs if LE or active. I think competition can be SUPPORTIVE to y'all in a "cafeteria" style; take what works in your context/work environment and use it to augment your skill set and leave the purely competitive crap behind. I'd love to see more of y'all come out! If nothing else, we can learn from you! Thank you for your service!!!
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