Eye Protection
By Team Greyhive | 3.13.2018
#CQB #Shooting #Law Enforcement #Personal Defense
*Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide medical care or safety advice, consult your Optometrist prior to making any decisions regarding visual correction and protection. The standards and regulations are subject to change. This article was written by Josh Goetz who is in the Optometry field. He is our newest addition to Greyhive and will be releasing more articles on vision as it relates to shooters in the future. Stay tuned for more value to your training. For some shooting is a hobby, for others it is a lifestyle, and others it is just a part of the job. Regardless of what role shooting plays in your life it is an activity that we all plan on doing for as long as we are physically able. Of course we hope to never have an accident, but reality is that they do occur. It is important to take any steps that we can to prevent these injuries and be prepared for ones that we cannot prevent.
Episode 5 - High Ready
By Team Greyhive | 11.29.2017
#Training Brief #CQB
Ryan Johnson, full time SRT officer, and Drew Estell, founder of BAER Solutions, discussing and demonstrating the high ready with pistol. Focus placed on presenting the gun at extension and sight acquisition.