What I Learned From My First USPSA Match
By Travis Johnson | 7.19.2018
#Shooting #Mindset
With all of the training I have been doing this year I decided the next step in my progression as a shooter was to try out the competition stuff. I decided to start with a local USPSA match. Walking away from the match, I learned how competition is a great test of your overall shooting ability, the mental or "thinking" aspect of shooting plays a major role in your performance, and can provide you with a clear picture of what you need to work on. 
If You Can't See, You Can't Shoot
By Katie Thompson | 5.14.2018
#Strength and Conditioning #Mindset #Shooting
Target acquisition and identification is a huge part of high-performance shooting. Obviously.  If you can’t see, you can’t shoot.  There’s more to it than simply “seeing” your target though.  The eyes are just the first link in a complex chain of information processing that occurs in the brain which allows you to quickly and accurately assess, decide, and act upon targets.  More on the complex information processing stuff in a later write-up; for now, let’s just focus on the eyes (no pun intended).
By Ryan Johnson | 5.8.2018
#Shooting #Law Enforcement
Standards: 1. a level of quality or attainment. synonyms: quality, level, grade, caliber, merit, excellence.What standards do we place upon ourselves when working in an environment with others who do similar tasks (e.g. shooting)? What level of accountability should we have for our lack of proficiency when it comes to training? 
Building Epic Performances
By Katie Thompson | 4.20.2018
#Mindset #Shooting
Two primary things we need to get better at anything: practice and feedback. Practice we can do on our own, but feedback we must receive from someone else. Mentally tough people don’t “just show up,” they use each practice session to intentionally build mental and physical skillsets.