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Garett Schwindel
Garett served in the elite 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and has a total of 14 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as an Army Ranger, PSD Operator, U.S. State Department Lead Firearms Instructor, and Shift leader for a Helo CSAR team. He has trained thousands of people including: U.S. SOF, U.S. law enforcement tactical teams, private security contractors and foreign military and police. Garett is the CEO of Kägwerks, a training and military product development company.
Seth Haselhuhn
Dr. Haselhuhn has been working closely with SOF units since 2014 with his main focus being applied sport and performance psychology. He has worked with individuals, units, and various combat schools regarding mental skills development, teaching and instructing, and POI development and execution. He has 10 years’ experience teaching in higher education including six years of coaching in a nationally ranked junior college baseball program and two years of sport psychology consulting with NCAA Division I athletes. He holds a Ph.D. in Sport Pedagogy and Character Education, specializing in sport psychology, sociology, and moral reasoning. His educational background also includes a Master’s in Recreation and Sport Management, a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
Ryan Johnson
Prior to becoming a police officer, I served in the Army as an 11b infantryman, stationed with the 10th Mountain Division at Ft. Drum NY. I currently work full time for a West Coast Police Department and have been for the past 10 years. I worked patrol for five years before testing and becoming part of our departments Reserve SWAT program. This program provided me the ability to work six months out of the year with our full time Special Operations team, alternating my time between patrol. I was part of the reserve program from 2012 to February of 2014, when after testing for full time, I was selected to join the team full time. I have since been a part of our primary Entry Team and currently I am assigned as the ATL for our four-man sniper section. As a member of our full time Special Operations team, I assist our departments Narcotics, Detective and Problem Solving Units with the planning and execution of all search warrants in our city and throughout the surrounding area. My responsibilities also extend to our patrol division with responding to all callouts for barricaded subjects, hostage rescues, large scale demonstrations, officer rescues and assisting other agencies tactical teams. I take part in the training of our patrol officers in firearms, active shooter training, TEMS training, academy recruit training, building clearance and patrol overwatch and assistance. I've also had the opportunity to work with the Secret Service providing dignitary protection during visits from the President, Vice President and other government officials. While assigned to our team, I have attended several tactical and specialty schools. My desire is to connect with the community of fellow shooters and officers, so we can fill any gaps that may exist in either training or experiences that all of us have. Through feedback from you, not only will I benefit but those reading will too. I want to bridge the gap between hearing stories from a third party source vs. getting them from those who actually experienced what happened. I feel this will ultimately allow for a less watered down evaluation of critical events that might otherwise never have been shared. We are our own worst critics, however there is much growth to be had in putting yourself out there for credible sources to evaluate.  
Drew Estell
Drew Estell is the owner of BAER Solutions, and served for a decade in Special Operations. He has been fortunate enough to serve with soldiers and instructors who were invested in his success, and as such have benefitted from the years of experience that each of them had. During the course of his multiple combat deployments and experiences, he has learned that no shooter is the same. Fundamentals are a constant in this profession. With that said, each person has to tailor training and techniques to fit their particular needs. Training is programmed to maximize the learning curve and build off of the previous skills and fundamentals. The methodology of his classes is based on real world experience, training, and lessons learned along the way. Everything done on the flat range has to translate to its “real world” application. There are things that look cool, and there are things that perform when you need them to. The key to training classes is not simply taking a student through drills and telling them what they are doing wrong. To get a student to be self-sufficient they have to know what they are doing, why, and how to correct the problem. The goal of coaching a student is to ultimately make them as good as or better than yourself. To do that he focuses on no only giving them the "what", but also the "how" and the "why". In addition to weapons training classes, BAER Solutions offers leadership and team building consultations. BAER Solutions also works with police departments to take lessons learned from SOF deployments and apply them to the specific needs of the local governance and populace. By combining SOF tenets of Village Stability Operations and the concept of Community Policing, they deliver a consulting and training package called Unconventional Policing. Each shooter is different, as well as each situation. Drew and his company approach each with a tailored product to ensure the student, department, or client achieves their end state and more. Individual shooters, individual solutions.
Katie Thompson
Katie has worked with SOF units and Law Enforcement in both schoolhouse and operational environments to optimize physical, cognitive, technical, and tactical performance since 2012, and she has over 10 years of experience optimizing performance with all levels of athletes. She holds advanced degrees related to Human Performance Optimization (M.S. in Human Movement & Performance, Specialization: Sport Psychology; Ed.D. Candidate in Kinesiology), is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS), and a Certified Mental Performance Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CMPC). Katie is a Human Performance Expert with Precision Edge Performance (PEP), which facilitates elite performance by providing superior, cutting-edge human performance optimization training that is systematic, progressive, adaptive and customized to fit the performance needs of the individual or organization. PEP provides evidence-based best-practices that promote enhanced performance, improved readiness, and increased performance longevity.
Travis Denman
Travis is a former member of the 75th Ranger Regiment and U.S. Army Special Forces (the Green Berets). He is also an avid 3 Gun, PRS, and USPSA competitor shooting for the Nordic Components shooting team in regional and national level competition. As a service member, Travis served in many operational capacities in the SOF community. He attended many specialized shooting schools and high level training events, in addition to, numerous peacetime engagements and combat deployments to the Middle East, Africa, South America and South East Asia. Prior to retiring from active duty in 2014, he served as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to SFARTAETC, the premier CQB hostage rescue course for U.S. Army Special Forces. Travis is also a CrossFit Affiliate owner and CFL2 trainer. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from many disciplines associated with technical, tactical and physical performance. Travis is an exceptional trainer and coach. He finds great satisfaction in helping others exceed their perceived limitations be they physical, mental or a combination there of. He prefers to be addressed as “Coach” as there is a more personal relationship between coaches and their athletes than between trainers and trainees. “I’m not satisfied until my students are teaching.”
Ian Strimbeck
Ian Strimbeck is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has been instructing defensive tactics shortly after leaving the military in 2010. His Marine Corps experience includes fire team Team Leader, combat and security operations and host nation forces training in small-unit tactics. His Marine Corps experience, combined with the constant education of others, have fueled the growth of his training company, Runenation. Ian possesses an interdisciplinary skillset which includes: verbal tactics, knowledge of the culture and the normalcy of criminal interaction, deep understanding of the human psyche and dynamics of violent encounters, pistol/rifle application, and unarmed/edged weapon defensive tactics and techniques. He has provided executive protection for celebrities and dignitaries. Runenation has also trained civilians and law enforcement in defensive pistol and rifle work as well as opposition based grappling with weapons. When not teaching he strives to drive others to be their best through his daily writings, as well as being a constant student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and pushing himself daily in his home gym, "The Forge."
Bryan Veliz
So, what’s my 'why' you ask? It’s simple, my ultimate goal or mission is to pass on knowledge and experience. I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power when applied correctly and that we are put on this world for a purpose. Part of my purpose is to serve and pass on what I’ve learned through experience, and training to teach others how to effectively operate a firearm. To help people better understand the mental aspect behind operating a firearm and to help train the mind to be ready for any potential real word problems a person may encounter. We have to be able to perform our duty as a LEO, Military Service Member or Responsible Armed Citizen, not only on our good days, but to be able to perform just as well on our bad days.
MIke J
Mike currently works in the military and has attended multiple courses in parachuting, hand-to-hand and survival and evasion in non-permissive environments. He currently runs a YouTube channel explaining gear and other gear related trends in the military community.
Travis Johnson
Born and raised in rural Montana, I was fortunate to be introduced to and shoot firearms at a young age. Spending most of my childhood around firearms, whether hunting or shooting targets in a field, shooting became a natural hobby. It wasn't until my early 20s that I realized, although I had clocked in over a decade of recreational shooting experience, I still hadn't developed a solid foundation or skill level that I thought I should have by then. It was after realizing this that I made the commitment to intentional and consistent training in order to improve as a shooter. I spend so much of my time training for a couple reasons. I want to have the ability and confidence to defend myself; and those I care about against deadly threat, regardless of the odds. Secondly, I train because I have a passion for shooting. My goal is to become the best shooter I am capable of being and I am committed to showing others like me what kind of work, commitment, focus, and time goes in to becoming a highly skilled & proficient shooter. Through the Shooter’s Journey, I will be writing about my journey, the classes I've attended, the training I have found to be most effective.
Brian Jones
Brian is currently a strength and conditioning contractor for SOCOM. He has served in this capacity since 2012. Prior to contracting he was the Strength & Conditioning coach for the U.S Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, NJ. During his tenure with the USCG Brian served as the subject matter expert to the command and its 14 tenant commands. While with the Coast Guard, he developed physical preparation programs for Rescue Swimmer candidates stationed at Cape May. After serving 6 years in the U.S Navy, Brian went on to a B.S in Exercise Science from the University of West Florida. He began his strength and conditioning career as an intern with U.S Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, N.Y. While with the USOC he assisted with the physical training of winter sport athletes. After his internship Brian moved into the private sector working as strength coach and Director of Sports Performance with the Columbus Field House and Velocity Sports Performance. Throughout his career he has worked with numerous NFL players, and also held the position of Head of Strength and Conditioning for the Columbus Destroyers of the Arena Football League. Brian has also worked with a number of professional athletes and collegiate athletes from a variety of sporting disciplines. Brian has over 15 years of experience in the field and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
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