Shooting, CQB, Consulting Solutions

Drew Estell is the owner of BAER Solutions, and served for a decade in Special Operations. He has been fortunate enough to serve with soldiers and instructors who were invested in his success, and as such have benefitted from the years of experience that each of them had. During the course of his multiple combat deployments and experiences, he has learned that no shooter is the same.

Fundamentals are a constant in this profession. With that said, each person has to tailor training and techniques to fit their particular needs. Training is programmed to maximize the learning curve and build off of the previous skills and fundamentals. The methodology of his classes is based on real world experience, training, and lessons learned along the way. Everything done on the flat range has to translate to its “real world” application. There are things that look cool, and there are things that perform when you need them to.

The key to training classes is not simply taking a student through drills and telling them what they are doing wrong. To get a student to be self-sufficient they have to know what they are doing, why, and how to correct the problem. The goal of coaching a student is to ultimately make them as good as or better than yourself. To do that he focuses on no only giving them the "what", but also the "how" and the "why".

In addition to weapons training classes, BAER Solutions offers leadership and team building consultations. BAER Solutions also works with police departments to take lessons learned from SOF deployments and apply them to the specific needs of the local governance and populace. By combining SOF tenets of Village Stability Operations and the concept of Community Policing, they deliver a consulting and training package called Unconventional Policing.

Each shooter is different, as well as each situation. Drew and his company approach each with a tailored product to ensure the student, department, or client achieves their end state and more.

Individual shooters, individual solutions.