Hand-to-Hand, Grappling, Edged Weapons

Ian Strimbeck is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has been instructing defensive tactics shortly after leaving the military in 2010. His Marine Corps experience includes fire team Team Leader, combat and security operations and host nation forces training in small-unit tactics. His Marine Corps experience, combined with the constant education of others, have fueled the growth of his training company, Runenation.

Ian possesses an interdisciplinary skillset which includes: verbal tactics, knowledge of the culture and the normalcy of criminal interaction, deep understanding of the human psyche and dynamics of violent encounters, pistol/rifle application, and unarmed/edged weapon defensive tactics and techniques. He has provided executive protection for celebrities and dignitaries. Runenation has also trained civilians and law enforcement in defensive pistol and rifle work as well as opposition based grappling with weapons.

When not teaching he strives to drive others to be their best through his daily writings, as well as being a constant student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and pushing himself daily in his home gym, "The Forge."