Law Enforcement, Shooting, Long Range

Prior to becoming a police officer, I served in the Army as an 11b infantryman, stationed with the 10th Mountain Division at Ft. Drum NY. I currently work full time for a West Coast Police Department and have been for the past 10 years. I worked patrol for five years before testing and becoming part of our departments Reserve SWAT program. This program provided me the ability to work six months out of the year with our full time Special Operations team, alternating my time between patrol. I was part of the reserve program from 2012 to February of 2014, when after testing for full time, I was selected to join the team full time. I have since been a part of our primary Entry Team and currently I am assigned as the ATL for our four-man sniper section.

As a member of our full time Special Operations team, I assist our departments Narcotics, Detective and Problem Solving Units with the planning and execution of all search warrants in our city and throughout the surrounding area. My responsibilities also extend to our patrol division with responding to all callouts for barricaded subjects, hostage rescues, large scale demonstrations, officer rescues and assisting other agencies tactical teams. I take part in the training of our patrol officers in firearms, active shooter training, TEMS training, academy recruit training, building clearance and patrol overwatch and assistance. I've also had the opportunity to work with the Secret Service providing dignitary protection during visits from the President, Vice President and other government officials. While assigned to our team, I have attended several tactical and specialty schools.

My desire is to connect with the community of fellow shooters and officers, so we can fill any gaps that may exist in either training or experiences that all of us have. Through feedback from you, not only will I benefit but those reading will too. I want to bridge the gap between hearing stories from a third party source vs. getting them from those who actually experienced what happened. I feel this will ultimately allow for a less watered down evaluation of critical events that might otherwise never have been shared. We are our own worst critics, however there is much growth to be had in putting yourself out there for credible sources to evaluate.