Shooter's Journey

Born and raised in rural Montana, I was fortunate to be introduced to and shoot firearms at a young age. Spending most of my childhood around firearms, whether hunting or shooting targets in a field, shooting became a natural hobby.

It wasn't until my early 20s that I realized, although I had clocked in over a decade of recreational shooting experience, I still hadn't developed a solid foundation or skill level that I thought I should have by then. It was after realizing this that I made the commitment to intentional and consistent training in order to improve as a shooter. I spend so much of my time training for a couple reasons. I want to have the ability and confidence to defend myself; and those I care about against deadly threat, regardless of the odds. Secondly, I train because I have a passion for shooting. My goal is to become the best shooter I am capable of being and I am committed to showing others like me what kind of work, commitment, focus, and time goes in to becoming a highly skilled & proficient shooter.

Through the Shooter’s Journey, I will be writing about my journey, the classes I've attended, the training I have found to be most effective.