We have one core goal. It is simply this.
Helping our students to live a long and full life.

There is two parts to this, long and full. We train to protect ourselves and loved ones from any one or any thing who would wish to cause us harm or end our life. The second part is that life being full. That is a mindset, a way. Life is precious and should be cherished.

Our ethos is simple. Enjoy each day, live in a manner that causes no harm to anyone, but be willing and capable of immediate righteous defense of life, if needed.

Be Your Own Cavalry.

How and What we Train

We start with a simple question. What is your goal? That can be a many things, so we distill it down for the individual, stripping away all that does not support the goal. What is left behind is a simple road map to get where you want to go.
We will teach you to have competence and confidence in your ability to protect yourself. You will leave class having learned solid and repeatable systems for gun handling, safety, shooting, loading, reloading, drawing, hitting rapidly, shooting while moving and being aware of what it is important the whole time.
You will also leave class with some new concepts for disconnecting from your emotions and seeing more clearly what is happening in you and around you. The more clearly we see, the better we are at making the right choices and actions.
We don’t just want you to be good with a gun, we want you to not need it. We will help you by giving you the tools and concepts in a simple and enjoyable environment. Plan to make some new friends, Carry Trainer classes are filled with great people.  Topics covered,  the legal and ethical use of force, the science of winning, marksmanship for the real world, holster work, what if you have no gun, repeatable systems for training, medical considerations, awareness, finding calm in a storm, all of which develops your mindset, your ethos, your way.
We are proud to be a part of this with you.