Are you into tactical shotguns but working with a tight budget? We’ve got the perfect project for you! In this episode of EDG, we take a pile of Mossberg 500 parts and transform them into ‘The Switch Hitter,’ a marvel of gunsmithing that redefines flexibility on the field.

With the ability to switch from .223 to .300 Blackout in under a minute, this rifle is not just a weapon; it’s a statement. Experience the journey from basic to extraordinary, including custom etching, Cerakote finishing, and assembling with high-end tactical gear, all in a DIY setting. Whether you’re a seasoned gunsmith or a curious newcomer, ‘The Switch Hitter’ build will inspire, educate, and entertain. Don’t miss out on this blend of craftsmanship and innovation—your adventure into the world of custom AR-15s starts here!

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Notable Quote “In Xtreme DIY gunsmithing, the standard is just not good enough.”

Episode Outline
Introduction to Extreme DIY Gunsmithing
:09 Unveiling “The Switch Hitter” project
1:06 Flexibility of the AR build
3:26 Electro etching customization
7:18 Recap and final thoughts

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