This is an easy to set up and run drill to work on incorporating shooting and moving. It has a direct correlation to CQB, though this IS NOT TACTICS! Don’t get it twisted, this is simply a range drill to better prepare a shooter for the CQB environment in terms of movement patterns. Each month we will post another drill or drill series that everyone can incorporate into their training. Tag @maneuvertrainingsolutions_llc on Instagram, or @blakewater0326 here on YT, IG, or on Twitter.  
As a general beginning standard, you’re looking to achieve 90% (based off Alpha hits on an IPSC target) with no Deltas, engaging each target with 3 rounds, in under 12 seconds from timer start to last shot. Always follow through to the end of the drill, and top off your blaster at the end or as you move back up range for the last time. That’s a very easy standard, especially with a rifle. Looking forward to how well y’all can do on this, and don’t be afraid to show us your dry practice!  
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