One of the best and Jim’s favorite AK variants is the AK105, and in the video, Jim briefly touches on why this one is so unique

AK105, currently in service with the Russian Army, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Alpha Group of the FSB.

Cartridge: 5.45×39
Weight: 7lb
Length: 32.4in/825mm with stock extended or 23.1in/586mm folded
Barrel length: 12.4in/314mm, this one is a little longer due to the muzzle device setup, we call it the Buster clone, more on that later
Cycling rate: 600rpm
Feeding system: 30/45/60 rd box magazine
Maximum firing range: from one end of the Great Wall of China to the other, probability

Furniture setup:
> Zenitco Sports 1 front end
> Zenitco B33 top cover
> Triangle side folder
> Keymo muzzle device setup for suppressors