What distance should you zero?
How big a target do you wish to be capable of hitting and at what distances, without having to adjust your point of aim.
Said easier, let’s pick a distance that we can just put the dot on the target and run the gun.

A few points as you’ll see, Marksmanship matters. If you can’t hold the gun steady and press the trigger without disturbing the sights/dot them you will want to get a rest to shoot off of.

7-15 yards are very common, zero distances for handguns. You will see some others as well.
What is the goal.

You will want to get real data at various distances to see where your actual gun/dot combination is hitting.

A little more on Point Blank
I’ll borrow this from Ron Spomer.
MPBR or maximum point blank range-
is the distance over which a shooter can hold his sights dead on the center of the target and hit it. The bullet may strike the upper or lower edge or any point in between, but it will not miss (unless the shooter flinches or pulls the barrel off target.) To the surprise of many, with the right cartridge, bullet and target, this “dead-on hold” can stretch past 400 yards.

Thanks for joining me on the range.

I hope this was valuable for you. We appreciate you.

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