After we learn how to safely function our firearm, the next step is to ingrain the fundamentals of Marksmanship, a pal calls them “The essentials of Marksmanship”. I like that as they are that important.

When we have safe manipulations and the essentials of Marksmanship down, we can then consider carrying a firearm into the world.

We never are beyond training safety, sound manipulation of the gun, and Marksmanship, never forget that, but think about this.
You can do all that well, but if you can’t get it out and on target when you need it, none of the rest matters.

Train, train, train your draw stroke. Ingrain it, refine it, smooth it out until you can’t fail.

I hope you never need to use a gun in violence, but if you do, I hope you dominate the situation with righteousness, good ethics, and sound practices that get you home to your people.

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